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Corrective-ExercisesCorrective Exercises in Vero Beach, FL

Dr. Charles Bartkus, works with your body's natural restorative abilities to guide your healing and wellness process. If you are seeking alternative health care, we invite you to Bartkus Chiropractic Center to learn about our natural health options.

After your initial evaluation with Dr. Bartkus, you are given a chiropractic care plan which is designed to meet your specific needs.

Whether you require injury recovery, improved health or a reduction in pain from headaches, fibromyalgia or spinal abnormalities, our services complement each other and work toward your goals.

The Benefits of Corrective Exercises

One of the ways in which we ease discomfort and improve health is through corrective exercise. Dr. Bartkus develops an exercise plan to help you overcome pain and recover quickly from injuries as exercise improves the flow of circulation to an injury, decreases inflammation and restores muscular balance.

  • The combination of chiropractic adjustments and corrective exercises alleviate back pain, neck pain, joint pain and muscle pain.
  • If you are experiencing back pain after working at your computer station, we show you ways to stretch the backs of your upper legs to decrease the strain on your lower back.
  • In addition, we demonstrate exercises that improve your core strength which supports healthy, pain-free posture.

Corrective exercises use balance, strength and flexibility movements to realign the muscle and joint stability. In addition, corrective exercises restore the range of motion for a better arm, leg and back movements. Some of the most common corrective exercises include abdominal strengthening movements to support a healthy posture and reduce back pain.

The effectiveness of these lies in less stress on the back muscles to support the spine. We also require stretches for the chest, shoulders, and legs and back to eliminate muscle tension that may be creating pain, discomfort, and headaches. In addition, tight muscles are more susceptible to injuries, so we aim to build strong, flexible muscles that will resist future injuries.

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Dr. Bartkus listens to your symptoms and health goals to determine which corrective exercises benefit you. If you have been injured at work while playing sports or during a car accident, corrective exercises are designed to stimulate circulation to and from the injury which delivers healing nutrients and removes toxins that may be leading to inflammation and pain. Exercises also enhance muscular balance and strength to support proper joint and spine alignment, which allows your body to heal in the correct positions.

Get started with your corrective exercise program today by calling us at 772-569-0500.