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Knee PainKnee Pain Treatment in Vero Beach, FL

Bartkus Chiropractic Center delivers effective knee pain relief in a natural way. Dr. Charles Bartkus, works to eliminate knee pain by treating the cause and not just the symptoms. Through chiropractic care and sports injury treatments, our chiropractic team establishes a stronger knee, helps restore a knee injury and brings lasting pain management to those suffering from chronic pain. If you live in the Vero Beach area or the surrounding communities of Lakewood Park, Indian River County, Winter Beach, Roseland or Fellsmere and are struggling with a knee injury or pain, we want you to contact us for a holistic sports injury approach.

Knee Pain Symptoms and Causes

While knee pain sounds descriptive, pain in your knee, it may also encompass other pain and discomfort. For example, you may be experiencing limiting knee mobility, hypermobility, pain during or after activity, constant pain, a throbbing pain, burning pain, inflammation, pain that radiates down or up your leg, pain behind the knee cap or pain on the side of the knee. Each of these symptoms correlates to a different knee injury and Dr. Bartkus uses your symptoms to evaluate your condition. Once we have determined the reasons you are experiencing pain, we develop a chiropractic care plan to reduce knee pain, restore mobility and help you quickly recover from a sports injury.

Knee pain varies in its reasons and types. Some of the most common causes of knee pain include:

  • Arthritis - often known as a wear and tear injury, arthritis in the knee may be due to a breakdown of cartilage, years of overuse, excess weight or a joint malformation.
  • Meniscus injuries - an injury to the cartilage of the knee causes pain and reduced movement and is common in fitness participants and athletes.
  • Knee cap injuries - a softening of the knee cap and cartilage leads to pain and limited movement.
  • Iliotibial Band Syndrome - also known as IT Band syndrome, this condition affects the tendon that rubs against the knee bone leading to pain that extends into the leg.
  • Ligament and tendon injuries - the tissues connecting bones and muscles may become torn, inflamed, stretched or strained.
  • Back or hip misalignment - if your lower back or hips are out of alignment, your knees experience more stress which can lead to increased pain.

Contact us for Chiropractic Care for Knee Pain Pain

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms or have suffered a knee injury, we want to help. Bartkus Chiropractic Center uses a combination approach to heal your knee injury and reduce your pain. Dr. Bartkus provides gentle chiropractic adjustments for positioning your back, knees, and hips into a natural alignment to lessen the strain on the joints. This also allows a proper space for the joint to heal. We may provide knee pain exercises to strengthen the muscles and create a stronger knee joint. Our chiropractor near Vero Beach is ready to help you overcome knee pain. To schedule your first appointment, please contact us today at 772-569-0500.