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Personal InjuryPersonal Injury Treatment in Vero Beach, FL

Almost everyone who lives long enough will eventually suffer some sort of personal injury. Often, these injuries come in the form of accidents, and that is what makes them so hard to avoid. Others arise insidiously, and their cause is only obvious once you look back on situations that were encountered before symptoms appeared. Either way, Bartkus Chiropractic Center stands ready to help repair the damage and get you back up to full speed.

Common Personal Injuries

Personal injuries can be roughly divided into two main types of causes: accidents and ergonomics/repetitive stress. Accidents include slip and fall events, car crashes, and other sudden mishaps. Ergonomic injuries often result from improper working areas, the use of improper technique or form during activities, and other such things. Accidental injuries tend to present some symptoms either right away or after a relatively short delay, while ergonomic injuries sometimes take years to appear.

In both cases, the back and neck are particularly vulnerable. A car crash can directly force your vertebrae out of its natural alignment or could cause a disc herniation. On the other hand, the action of falling is likely to result in strains or sprains.

Ergonomic injuries can also affect the neck and back, but often, they result in damage to the wrist and other smaller body parts. Carpal tunnel syndrome, for example, is the result of repeated aggravation of the tissues surrounding the nerve that runs through this area. When these tissues become inflamed, the swelling narrows the carpal tunnel and interferes with the nerve, causing pain to arise.

How Chiropractic Care Helps

If the problem is in the back or neck, spinal adjustments are the main treatments offered by chiropractors. Getting everything lined up right reduces or eliminates nerve impingements, helps to decompress bulging or herniated discs and helps to restore proper motion.

Problems elsewhere may be caused by spinal nerve impingements, so the spine will always be examined for such issues. Other treatments for limb issues include therapeutic massage and corrective exercise.

When poor ergonomics are involved, you may receive counseling on better ways to move, how to adjust your work area to prevent unnecessary physical stress, and other ways to go about your job. This will help you avoid re-injury when you return to work.

Start A Treatment Plan With Bartkus Chiropractic Center Today!

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